GREEN AWARD FOUNDATION-Cpt. Dimitrios Mattheou IS HERE TO STAY. Re elected as Chairman



Cpt Dimitrios Mattheou IS HERE TO STAY.

Re elected as Chairman


It is officially announced that the helm of the Green Award Foundation remains in the same Greek hands. Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, CEO of Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd and Aegean Bulk Co Inc, was recently re-elected as a Chairman of the foundation. The chairmanship election process was held during the 57th Green Award Committee meeting that took place in Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Centre on Monday the 17th of December.

2.Green Award Foundation

Green Award is a non-profit, independent and international quality assessment certification scheme that inspects and certifies ships that go above and beyond the industry standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental performance. Established in 1994 has been acting both as a quality mark for high performing vessels and as a global network of ports, ship managers, charterers, maritime service providers and authorities, governed by the key industry representatives.  With a worldwide presence in 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South and North Americas has been delivering Audits and certifies ships and shipping companies bringing benefits to its holders and contributing globally to sustainable waterborne transport.  Until today, over 900 ships have been certified (inland and sea) and over 120 incentive providers which include ports and maritime service providers participate in the green scheme.

Benefits for a shipping company or entity to join the membership of the Green Award Foundation

Green Award certificate holders benefit in many ways from their participation in the scheme. Not only they receive recognition by the maritime industry and get expert assessments, but they are also entitled to various financial, operational and promotional advantages. Ship management companies can join as Certificate Holders. Ships and shipping companies in a possession of the Green Award certificate will benefit from:

  • Independent audit performed by experienced and skilled surveyors working exclusively for Green Award
  • Results of surveys on board and onshore are strictly confidential, only you will be informed about the points for improvement
  • Potential prevention of PSC detention or serious incidents
  • Tool to maintain and improve safety, quality and environmental standards
  • Advice onBest Practices
  • Competitive advantage– Green Award helps to differentiate your company from competitors
  • Financial incentives– discounts on port dues and maritime-related services and products
  • Higher ranking in the RightShip and recognition in the Equasis database
  • Green & high-quality image to the industry, authorities and the public
  • Publicity and Promotion: use of Green Award logo, listing on Green Award website and other promotional materials, an invitation to Green Award annual events etc.

 Cooperation and coordination with other shipping associations in order to promote a common voice in the regulatory bodies and maritime authorities

“With respect to the objectives of our Foundation and the requirements of the regulatory bodies and maritime authorities, we do certainly take actions with other shipping associations. It is of great significance to mention the fact that the Green Award Boards consist of members representing the international maritime industry, including both public and private interests and therefore we all substantially contribute greatly with our knowledge and experience in ensuring the international standards and regulations governing shipping by moving in a parallel track with a common scope: to cultivate genuine innovation, environmental awareness and the concept of ‘Quality Excellence’ worldwide.  More specifically, Executive committee members of the Green Award Boards represent associations such as:  Port of Rotterdam, International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), The Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators Ltd (SIGTTO), INTERCARGO, International Union of Marine Insurance e.V. (IUMI), INTERTANKO, The Nautical Institute, Port of Amsterdam, ClassNK, Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, US Coast Guard, HELMEPA,  Centraal Bureau voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart, Expertise- en Innovatie Centrum Binnenvaart (EICB), European Fuel Oxygenates Association (EFOA), Safety4Sea, etc.

3.Dimitrios Mattheou (Profile)

The re-elected Chairman of the Green Award foundation, Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, is an inspiring Leader with an executive talent, committed to his job tasks, innovative in his roles and loyal to the corporate spirit. A result-oriented Manager, with an exceptional working performance throughout his career path he has been demonstrating a high level of expertise, self-confidence and excellent leadership skills. Dimitrios Mattheou is a visionary that arouses inspiration and motivation in demanding and crucial working environments. Through his actions and hard work he has earned the respect of everyone in the maritime community and has been awarded as a Best Manager and as a Significant Personality (Exceptional Personality of Shipping Award / Vaporia Marine Awards 2018, Best Manager award / Efkranti Awards May 18, 2016, Personality award / GREEN4SEA Awards April 4, 2017, Personal award / Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine).

Dimitrios Mattheou is highly recognized for his contribution as an active member of International Organizations, Foundations and Institutions. Aside from his position as a Chairman in Green Award Foundation he is an active Vice Chairman of Hellenic Mediterranean Panel in INTERTANKO, a Governor of the International Propeller Club of the United States and an Executive Committee Member in Norwegian Hull Club, INTERCARGO, HELMEPA and ALBA Graduate Business School.

As an experienced sailor, he has never neglected the new generation of the seafarers. Therefore, he provides frequent industry-based tuitions for post-graduate students, as a guest Lecturer at various Academic Institutions for Maritime studies, such as the Piraeus Maritime University, the ALBA Graduate Business School and the Metropolitan College.

Dimitrios Mattheou is a prominent personality who worthy holds leading and challenging positions in global Shipping.

Reference to the greatest achievements of Dimitrios Mattheou in the helm of the Green Award Foundation

“I am frequently asked whether time is sufficient enough to make a meaningful impact as a Chairman in such a remarkable as well as demanding foundation as the Green Award. Approaching the end of my three years term, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I had been able to influence the course of events through continuous personal efforts to highlight the vital importance of the environmental and social responsibility in the shipping industry. However, the main objective of my efforts had been the establishment of win-win relationships among the parties involved which had the effect of significant long term economic benefits for both incentive providers and certificate holders.

After having reviewed my actions, I realized the substantial contribution to the development of our foundation taking into consideration of the list of the global enterprises and organizations that joined our Green Award team especially at a time of global economic crisis. Specifically speaking, during my three years chairmanship term, among  the certificate holders and incentive providers  that joined our scheme are: ABS (Global), Alba Graduate Business School And Deree-The American College Of Greece, Alpha Marine Consulting Ltd, Bureau Veritas, DANAOS Management Consultants DNV GL (Global), DYNAMARINe, ELSSI Drug Testing LTD, EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering) S.A, ERMA FIRST S.A, FRANMAN Group, GAC Greece, GAC UK, Gard AS , HudsonAnalytix (US), Katradis Group companies, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), MacGregor  (Global), Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, MarineTraffic, Masters & Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine, NanoPhos Marine, POSEIDON Marine Supplies, Setel Hellas, The Republic Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry , T&T Salvage (USA),  Tsavliris Salvage Group, VANOS S.A, etc.”

4.Dimitrios Mattheou in the position of the Green Award Chairman

Representing the values and principles of the Green Award Foundation and the Greek shipping industry

“I have been privileged to serve Shipping for more than forty years and I have been executing quite demanding roles through time. As a Green Award Chairman since 2015 and today after three years I feel excited and honored for earning -once again- the vote of confidence and trust of the Green Award committee members that allows me to continue my both demanding and challenging task as a Chairman. I feel very proud to represent once again the Green Award Foundation, and at this point, allow me to express my gratitude as well as my strong commitment to continue sharing my maritime knowledge and culture, my passion and inexhaustible energy driven by the Ethos and Values that qualify me as a person aiming to the unceasing evolution and excellence of the Green Award scheme. As an experienced man of Shipping, a public and well respected figure in all Maritime sectors, such as Shipping companies, clusters, classifications societies, Maritime Academic Institutions worldwide, but above all as a Greek originating from a nation that keeps the position of the leading country of Shipping and the native country of Seamen, I am willing to intensify my efforts to promote Green Awards’ Mission, Vision and Values, mainly because they reflect my own ideals, my personal mission, vision and values for Shipping. Hence, with a sense of pride and full responsibility I will keep leading through my vision and inspiring through my actions the Green Award, the Pride of the Oceans.”

 Goals and objectives for the next three years Chairmanship in the Green Award Foundation

“From the outset of my term, my goals were specific with a clear description of what needs to be achieved, challenging but yet realistic and achievable, consistent with high-quality standards and relevant with higher level of expectations and goals

In particular, the central pillar of my Green Award official annual report as a Chairman this year was the Human Connection. Everything starts and ends to people. As a foundation we serve our mission with the simplicity, speed and delight of our services, but we are very clear on whom we serve; we serve people. Foremost on my mind is the need to develop and enhance our human relations worldwide and managing relations is complicated; however the feeling of unity and togetherness has led us to conquer shipping market by simply realizing our vision. We will preserve this heritage with our inexhaustible passion, our creative spirit and our deep responsibility honoring the people who trust us. We are truly committed to our people, our stakeholders, and our reinvention during the past year has been driven by assisting them to cultivate a prominent performance to serve their customers. This unrelenting focus on people is our particular source of pride.

Furthermore, we are clear on the industry we serve. Green Award is global in presence and mind-set. We have earned trust, by driving the highest standards in environmental performance and safety in Shipping. The worldwide participation of our new incentive providers and certificate holders in Green Awards’ global transformation towards higher performance has added to the collective strength of our foundation, while, our team is engaged and empowered to always do better and push our shared ambitions to greater heights.

Our transformation journey will continue to build from what we have been achieving, and proudly carry forward a global commitment to inclusion that has defined Green Award.

We will continue establishing strong human connections in the Shipping Industry concentrating upon the expansion both of our incentive providers mostly focused on ports, and of our certificate holders, specifically the ship owners.

As a green- dream- team we will continue to grow our services in a sustainable way in order to establish win-win relationships among the parties involved. The quality, values and experienced professionalism of our Governing Boards (Green Award Board, The Board of Experts & The Boar of Appeal) and Executive Team give us great confidence that the Human Connections with all our stakeholders will deliver excellent results in the future. I have never been more optimistic in my Green Award chairmanship; optimistic about our vision, about our people, about the world we are building together. “