Latsco Marine Management Enters Condition Based Maintenance Era


Athens, February 17, 2023

(Athens) – Latsco Marine Management Inc received the Preventative Maintenance Program for Condition Based Maintenance (PMP-CBM) notation from ABS for a pioneering project that adopts predictive maintenance principles for equipment onboard vessels.

Latsco’s LPG carrier Hellas Sparta will constitute a pilot vessel for the gradual transition of the fleet’s maintenance schedules to a new era of condition-based programs.

The key element in the project is a Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) based on a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) approach. Equipment maintenance under CBM is conducted on a more frequent or real-time based measurement of operational parameters rather than on rigid time intervals in traditional Planned Maintenance programs.

ABS reviewed and awarded the PMP-CBM notation for selected critical equipment on the Hellas Sparta including vibration analysis components and high-end infrared thermographic cameras. These systems complement monitoring techniques already onboard the Hellas Sparta including direct current (DC) insulation resistance measurements for polarization index calculations, air circuit breaker (ACB) tripping protection device inspections and health status/internal resistance measurements for selected critical batteries.

“We are excited and welcome the LPG Hellas Sparta into this new era of optimum maintenance that increases safety, reliability and efficiency. We look forward to working with ABS along the way in our journey. Eventually, with the big data generated by these pieces of equipment, Latsco will be able to further improve operations with the use of artificial intelligence, especially with main engine and cargo plant systems. We are taking this journey one step at a time,” said Antonios Georgantzis, Latsco Chief Operating Officer.

“The PMP-CBM notation offers vessel owners an avenue to potentially reduce unexpected maintenance-related costs and downtime, optimizing operations in the process,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology. “Like Latsco, we are committed to more efficient, safer and sustainable operations, and we are excited to support their entrance into this new chapter.