Ioannis Kardaris / President & CEO of Atlantides Shipping Co LTD


Mr. Kardaris, would you like to describe us the course of Atlantides Group from its incorporation until today?

Atlantides Group is a group of companies involved in various fields of shipping industry with many years of experience and a bold vision for the future. Specifically, “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL” was founded in 1987 by me primarily as a personal business entity and followed by “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL & SHIPPING COMPANY EPE” which was incorporated and established in 1995 in Piraeus, Greece, as a company of limited liability in accordance with law 3190/1955. “ATLANTIDES SHIPPING CO. LTD”, was incorporated in 2005 under and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and established a shipping office in Piraeus, Greece, in 2014. The two companies together form “ATLANTIDES GROUP OF COMPANIES”. Having a long experience in the shipping and tourist field all these years and cooperating with numerous shipping companies and tourist offices worldwide strengthens our position in the international maritime area.

Which are the activities of the Group?

Due to my personal hard work and the hard work of many people as well, we have achieved the Group to be engaged with the main fields of the shipping industry, such as general shipping, ships’ management, sale & purchase, brokerage, operation, cruise vessels & yachts chartering, shipownership and general tourism. Through our involvement in the above activities and always based on thorough knowledge and constant education, we are in a position to render services of high quality and provide superior and at the same time feasible solutions to the most complicated issues of every partner or client.

There is any cooperation between Atlantides Travel and Atlantides Yachting? If yes, which are the business advantages of such cooperation?

The main activity of Atlantides Travel & Shipping Company EPE is yachting. Atlantides Yachting was inspired by people with experience in the maritime area and having passion for the sea. Through our efforts, we have achieved for yachting to provide, among others, luxury crewed charters, sailing vacations, brokerage and exclusive services etc.

Do you believe that there are signs of rebound of the Greek and the international Shipping?

From my point of view, despite the ongoing austerity and economic uncertainty in Greece, the Greek fleet has until now a strategic role in the transportation of the trade in the world. The Greek shipping seems to be constantly in one of the top positions in the international raking of the shipowning and the shipping industry generally and I am more than satisfied to be a part of the Greek shipping industry. Concerning the international shipping, it remains the most important way of transportation around the globe. I believe that any recession in the international shipping is a temporary situation and it will not affect the future development of the shipping market.

In your opinion what is the key for a company to be successful?

It is more than impossible for someone to find one secret that leads to success. From my experience there are several reasons making a company successful. Except from the vision, which I had in my beginning, I had passion and I worked many hours per day, in order to be able now to be part of this high reputable Group. As I say to my kids and my associates, the effort of each person to find the best version of himself/herself is the key for our personal and professional development.

What would you suggest the young people to focus on in case they are interested in the shipping business?

I have faith in the young generation because young people are the future. I am part of the shipping industry too many years and as a result I know that shipping is a tough field and a high pressured area of business. It is my belief that young people have to invest in their education as a basis and after that they have to spend time to learn the business in practice under the pressure and the high demands of the work. All the above will make them more competitive in the shipping industry.

Have you ever faced difficulties at your profession? What kind of difficulties? And how you have managed to overcome them?

Over the last 30 years I deal with difficulties in an effort to become more professional and more competitive in the shipping market. The most demanding factor is the rapidity with which we have to do our job. It is known that all parties involved in shipping must be fast and efficient. It is more than satisfying to know that the Group’s personnel consists of highly educated and experienced people in the maritime industry. They are able to confront any kind of complicated circumstances and advise our clients for any required information and any demand. Besides, this is the Group’s and my way to deal with high demanding projects, i.e. through the team work and the well educated and experienced personnel.

Do you agree that the situation in shipping market changes day to day?

It is my belief that shipping, as every aspect of our lives, changes day to day due to the new technology and the international economical crisis. Due to the international economical crisis, we face an uncertainty and instability in the market and at the same time due to the technology’s evolution, we notice new practices arising. Despite the above facts, I have always an optimistic outlook for the coming years. The new practices will allow us to be faster and more accurate in the provision of our services and the difficulties from the economical crisis will teach us to work in a more stressful way but always with the same efficiency.

Are you satisfied with the trust of your clients to Atlantides Group and the recognition of your professionalism?

Throughout the years of the Group’s operation we are pleased to present a great clientele from all over the globe. Some of the most well known and reputable companies, with which we have cooperated, are: NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A., KELLOG of USA, IHI of Japan, KERZNER of Dubai, NAKHEEL of Dubai, TDIC, AL JABAR SERVICES. Also, we have participated in high demanding projects in Greece and abroad, always providing to our clients services of high quality and satisfying their demands, even the most complicated ones. Our team work and our constant effort to meet our clients’ needs and their trust will further enhance our company’s strengths. The fact that our clients recommend us to high reputable companies globally proves their satisfaction and our professionalism as well.

Have you ever been disappointed by the results of a project and / or a partnership?

Being in the business market for more than 30 years, my experience has been built from both successes and failures. Certainly, a businessman always bears the risk of each project which he tries to accomplish. Furthermore, there will always be people and professionals who will disappoint us dissolving at the same time our expectations. It is a necessity to learn from our failures and failed collaborations, in order to become stronger and more competitive.