Interview with mr Michael Rockefeller and mr Daniel Couts.





Interview to Dionisios Politis

Rockefeller & Couts International is for many a synonym of financial development, luxury and prosperous entrepreneurial example.

With branches around the globe the Rockefeller family returns to the spotlight after a long period of absence, with former US Vice President Nelson Rockefeller’s great grandson Michael as the CEO of the multinational organization. New talent and fresh business ideas are what the company owes its unprecedented success to, which is evident by Rockefeller and Couts’ Co-Founder and COO, British-Greek entrepreneur Daniel Couts.

In Greece we initially acquainted ourselves with the two executives and the company after their involvement in the promotion of the Hellenic cultural heritage and specifically the historic island of Salamina.

Specifically Mr Couts noted throughout his visit in 2018 “At Rockefeller & Couts we take pride in culture and tradition. After all, it’s what makes us who we are. That’s why we are happy to help promote culture and heritage, especially involving Greece which is a country close to my heart.”

We had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Rockefeller and Mr Couts. The following is what we discussed.

“Mr. Rockefeller, Mr Couts, it’s my pleasure to conduct this interview with you and I want to thank you for agreeing to see me. So, my first question which I’m sure many will wonder, is where and how did you two meet?”

Mr Couts: Well, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. “Haha, did you not meet eye to eye then?”

Mr Couts: No I joke. Michael was actually visiting London for work and happened to attend the same event I was attending at the time due to some common friends we had in the industry and as is the norm, we began chatting and quickly found out that we had a lot of common interests and similarities in the way we conducted business.

Mr Rockefeller: Yeah, I was actually very surprised. I’ve worked in the investment industry for years but somehow I had never come across someone of such a similar mindset to me. I remember telling Daniel that I’d like to discuss a possible collaboration with him and here we are 6 years later. I think I made good judgement… again.

“That’s brilliant. I think I speak for most people when I say it’s clear that you are an incredibly powerful team together. It’s almost like you each have everything that the other person lacks.”

Mr Rockefeller: And that’s exactly what makes a strong team.

“Exactly! So I’m sure most of Greece has seen that you promoted the Greek island of Salamina to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. That’s not something many people can say about themselves these days, so how did that happen?”

Mr Rockefeller: Rockefeller & Couts maintains a lot of healthy business relationships. Among them are many royals and celebrities. It wasn’t too difficult to arrange the meeting with the Prince, but of course we would not arrange such a meeting if we didn’t view it as something worth our time.

Mr Couts: Despite being a property development company, PR is something we deem as vital. It doesn’t mean we can’t get involved in other projects and help promote worthwhile ideas.

“Very true! So tell us a bit about Rockefeller & Couts as a company. What business model does the company use?”

Mr Rockefeller: It’s very simple. If you like doing something, you do it well. So as a company, we make sure that every single person working for us enjoys their day at work. Sometimes I really look forward to going to the office just because I see a lot of smiling faces and it makes your day that much better.

Mr Couts: As was mentioned earlier, Rockefeller & Couts has a certain image and reputation to everyone on the outside as it were. It’s important for us to maintain that reputation on the inside too. It’s not just an external image of elegance we want to portray, but we want everyone working for the company to feel that same feeling of elegance, satisfaction and security too.

“Very good. Rockefeller & Couts sounds like a company many people would like to work for! So are there any other major projects you are currently working on?”

Mr Couts: We’re keeping very busy all the time. Apart from our developing properties, a current project we are working on is entitled The Latvian Union which is helping draw attention to the little gem of a country in the Baltics, Latvia. We’re in collaboration with some great and prominent individuals regarding the project, so all is looking good.

Mr Rockefeller: Yeah, we’ve also recently been invited to participate as Headline Speakers at Stolypin’s Forum in Moscow in March so we are looking forward to that too. So yes, we definitely have a lot in the pipeline and lots to look forward to.

“That’s very good. You’re obviously very busy and it shows. We’ve seen you in Greece quite a lot recently. Should we expect your company’s expansion to reach us?”

Mr Rockefeller: Greece is a key location for a Rockefeller & Couts branch. It’s definitely in the pipeline so we’re currently making arrangements to make it happen.

“So maybe some of us here in Greece can have that desire of working for Rockefeller & Couts fulfilled!”

Mr Rockefeller: Haha most probably yes!

“That is fantastic. I really wish you all the best with your endeavours and I am certain that Greece will be seeing a lot more of Rockefeller & Couts in the near future. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to speaking with you both in the future!”