Promoting dialogue and debate about the strategies, opportunities, responsibilities and challenges in today’s multi-faceted maritime world is the primary aim of the second edition of the Malta Maritime Summit which will be held between October 1-5 at the Grand Hotel Excelsior. Prominent local and foreign maritime experts will pool ideas and share opinions to analyze current concerns to present a formal set of proposals to the Maltese government and several international stakeholders.

The EU’s maritime policies in today’s backlash to mainstream politics and rise in protectionism will certainly go under the lens while following on the IMO and EBRD agreement re sustainable shipping signed last February. The impact (if any) of Brexit as well as China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative will provide further exciting debating ground to harness new marketing openings.

The political sphere leads to the ever-evolving scenario of maritime logistics, finance, taxation, and sustainability with a specific focus on Blockchain; more so since Malta is trailblazing the adoption of cryptocurrencies from a global standpoint and promoting itself as the first Blockchain ecosystem. Malta is also a world pioneer in formulating a legal framework for Blockchain operators. As a result, everyone at the summit will be ideally placed to immerse themselves in what is hype and happening in the digital world that is rapidly changing the world as we know it. Any reference to IT automatically foregrounds the scourge of cyberattacks and the realization that the best shield demands a crucial mix of cutting edge technology, intelligence, vigilance and integrity.

Any summit in the 21st century provides (directly or indirectly) a platform for tackling pressing environmental issues. The upcoming Malta Maritime Summit is no exception. In fact, autonomous shipping and ship recycling will be spotlighted in response to combatting pollution. With global climate change, coastal erosion and the menacing plastic continent increasingly impacting our lives, the Malta Maritime Summit is fully intent on following-up last year’s Valletta Declaration which set the targets towards ‘a Zero-Carbon Economy beyond 2030’. Indeed, policies adopting cleaner energy are set to radically alter the image of polluting sea vessels.

Yet another image changer is the role of women in the maritime industry. What inroads are women making in this predominantly male world? Is breaking the glass ceiling anywhere in sight? What is the impact of a female perspective in this industry? The ensuing debate promises to be one of the most stimulating.

Yachting and sea tourism with specific reference to finance, crewing, marinas and service providers will bring the summit to an end. What is spearheading positive change and what is still proving a stumbling block in this regard are all set to be fully explored.

The Malta Maritime Summit 2018, organised by Mr. John A. Gauci-Maistre, CEO of GM Conferences & Exhibitions Lt, therefore comprises four and a half days of intense discussion during which participants will actively interact to promote improvements in the vast and complex maritime industry. At the same time, it will also take the opportunity to celebrate success in presenting a string of Malta Maritime Awards to worthy achievers only two years after the first Malta Maritime Summit showcased Malta as a veritable hub of maritime activity that goes back centuries but more importantly looks boldly towards the future.

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